November 24, 2008

last days of the season at buller

Since the snow is all gone in Oz i thought i would load some shots of the last few days of the season at Buller. 
Decampo and myself relaxing in the sun
at the T.S.C bbq park jam

myself trying to copy decampo 

T.S.C crew

Young Grom getting upside down
Free bbq..

and Product!!

Decemeber pow

Mitchy, Jye, Tom EEL, Hannah and Decampo. Throw up what your doing any chance you get - over to you.

did anyone get up to the hill this weekend?

Team Manager Pow Shot !

Just in Case you thought Chris (Burton Oz Team manager/marketing guru) didn't have it in him ! Here he is ripping in Chile !

November 16, 2008

here we are

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