December 24, 2008

After a few days in japan shredding i have finally gotten around to using my computer. Liam kaska and myself have been in japan for a bit over a week hanging out in tokyo and hitting up hakuba and niseko resorts. The snow has been pretty lousy up until yesterday where it dumped and dumped so liam and myself have been working on our face shot collection. We also decided to start our own blog as well with video footage and photos of our travels this year.

Jet lagged out the front of the burton flagship store in tokyo 

riding a what is meant to be hakuba 47 half pipe (the other wall was all grass)

walking to hakuba resort (buses weren't running yet)

couple of days couple of feet and first chairs

It has been dumping in Utah. 25 inches in the past 24 hours and they are predicting another 20-30 on Christmas day. At a time of year when I'm normally sweltering in the middle of summer, it looks like we'll be shredding knee deep "new England clam powder"

Check out the past few days Riding Brighton Utah.

Monday ridding some lines in the trees of Crest lift. dumping

Colby (somethinginthewoods) and I back at car after only 3 hours of ridding. The snow kept up like this all night.

The board I brought over is the new "Hero". It has V Rocker which makes it so good to ride in powder. This board won the transworld good wood award and I can see why. so so good.

New tie die tee thanks to Tom Pelly - Thanks EEL

This was the Tuesday riding at Brighton. The famed Millicent chair hadn't opened yet this season due to lack of snow. It was roumered to open on Tuesday so we got there early and stood in line for an hour and a half to get first chair. It opened.... and as you can see from this skier who lost a ski it was pretty deep. Sorry there are no more shots but we had our hands full keeping them noses up..

beef and chicken taco from Lone Star - the best way to end a day at Brighton

December 22, 2008

World Go Snowboarding Day

Today was World Go Snowboarding Day. Sunday the 21st Decemmber. I've never really been into this (just because of living in Australia) but it makes way more sense when your in the northern Hemisphere. We Shred Brighton, UTAH. Sooooo Good

Sliding Brighton's new features

Shane and I at the top of Crest Chair, Brighton

December 20, 2008

Grounded in Utah

Down day in Utah today so we head to the UTAH Burton Office. It is Dumping here right now. Check out the shots below.

Downtown SLC. They are tipping 2 feeeeeeet up the hill by tomorrow morning

Jeremy's Harley that he rode on the Steezy riders trip is in the salt lake city Burton Office.
This is our buddy TJ starting it up - so good.

December 19, 2008

Utah saints

After way too much travel I finally turned up in Utah, and to a pretty damn good welcome. Colorado and Utah have been coping alot of snow recently and I was pretty pumpoed to turn up to 6inches of fresh and blue skies. Thanks for the shot below carter. Blower powder before Christmas is never a bad thing.

The Burton OZ team are all gearing up to head overseas. A few members have been held back by by last minute injuries as you can see below by Decampo's photo. Heavy! Jye has also had his tonsils ripped out a week ago and Hannah has had some last minute surgery to make sure her shoulder is titanium terminator strength. Nice. Who said snowboarding was easy... Tom Pelley has got out surgery free and is shredding his head off in Japan and Mitch Allan is looking to head to Mammoth in early Jan. The snow is comming late in the US so a late start might be a good idea, however we have at least a foot due here byt the weekend and temperatures in downtown SLC of 15f. I don't know what tempt that up the hill but shit i'll be wearing a neck sock of some sort.

WOrld go snowboarding day is this Sunday - get on it!


Day One Utah !

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, Boadle Brighton 1pm 18th december

December 13, 2008

December 11, 2008

Tom Pelley Burton Vicco Office Visit

So Burton Team Rider Tom Pelley and Trigger Worker/Rider Alex Scott dropped by the Victorian Office to check out how much work actually gets done with a ramp in the showroom.

Tom put this head band on once the camera came out, what a KING :)

Tom Pelley Frontside ollie

Alex Scott back decker

December 8, 2008

Burton Melbourne Office

Spent the better end of last week down at the Burton Melbourne office. We were setting up a bunch of new product as well as....yes.. a new mini. This thing takes up half the warehouse and has and MDF top sheet so she's uuuuber smooth.

I had to bail before it was fully set up but Ralph and Shane finished it off.

Moving in

Shane , Brenny and Ralph. Melbourne's 3 lucky office dwellers

I'll be visiting again soon hopefully