December 30, 2009

Tom's East Coast Left Overs

Over at Transfer Snowboard magazine, photographer Liam Kaska shares some of the left over photos from his trip to New York City, Buffalo and Montreal last year. Tom Pelley was one of the riders who took part in the 3000km journey in minus 40 degree temperatures.

Check out the full feature here.

Photo: Tom Pelley 50-50 on a double kink ledge, Montreal. Photo by Liam Kaska

December 23, 2009

Rehab In Hawaii

Regular See My Method readers will know that Hannah is recovering from a busted ACL. So what better way to help speed up the recovery than a trip to Hawaii.

This is what just landed in our inbox......

I had a great time. We literally shopped till we dropped then spent the rest of our time floating on lilos in the beautiful blue waters or eating amazing fish tacos from the Cheesecake factory.

The surfing event was on hold while we were up at the North Shore but we did get to see some crazy people out at Waimea and Sunset. There was a few pros around but unfortunately I didn't get to see my favorite Kelly Slater.

Now I'm sitting at home looking at my photos wishing I was back there. Next time I'll definitely be going for more than two weeks.


December 22, 2009

Jye In Snowboarder

The September issue of the USA Snowboarder magazine had the article about The Launch in it. Regular readers of See My Method will know that the Launch is all about the young guns who are killing it. Our own Jye Kearney was at the event and in the article has a photo and a couple of nice words written about him.

Pick up a copy if can still find one, or click on the photo and read what they had to say about Jye.

December 21, 2009

De Campo Diaries

seemymethod from chris de campo on Vimeo.

Chris de Campo got his hands on a camera and took a couple of laps of the Breckenridge park with fellow team rider Tom Pelley. Check out the first of many de Campo clips.

December 17, 2009

Tame That Double Dog

Double Tame Dogs from transitionist on Vimeo.

Double corks are so last year, now it is all about the double tame dog. Check out Pelley's new trick that he has been mastering at Breckenridge with the TSC crew.

December 11, 2009

Tom And Blotto

Burton Australia's good friend and photo master Dean "Blotto" Gray has been shooting with Tom Pelley in Colorado. Now he is saving the action shots for the magazines, however here is a couple showing Tom working hard for the money.

Photos by Blotto Photto

December 8, 2009

World Snowboard Day 2009

World Snowboard Day unfortunately doesn't fall in our season so traditionally it has been left to anyone in the northern hemisphere to celebrate on our behalf. However the crew from and Republica Bar in St Kilda are celebrating the day which will feature music, beer and the B Movie, as well as all the other latest videos. So don't let a little thing like snow stop you celebrating World Snowboard Day on December 20th.

More info here on the Facebook page.

Tom And Jye In A New Burton Ad

In the latest Snowboarder Magazine from the USA the Burton ad features a collage of photos featuring riders doing what they love. Tom and Jye both have a shot in the ad so check it out if you are in the USA or know a quality newsagent.

December 7, 2009

Burton Olympic Uniforms

There is a kind of big deal event coming up soon called the Winter Olympics, it will be happening in February 2010 in a little place called Vancouver, Canada. Burton is the official outerwear supplier for the USA snowboard team and they have just relased the uniform the likes of White, Pearce and Teter will be wearing.

Check out more images of the Canadian tuxedo inspired outerwear here.

December 1, 2009

Mitch Has Been Getting Salty

Whether it is because of his time with Occy or the fact he is heading into winter again Mitch Allan has been making sure he is maximizing his surf time before he heads overseas. From the photos he has sent through it looks as though all this water time is paying off.