May 27, 2010

Shop Stop - Trigger Brothers... On the Tools

Trigger Brothers in Frankston now have their own little store within a store. Chris Boadle and Shane Carter (or captain cut and professor paint as they coined themselves) hit the tools and spent two days building a custom fit out, with a little help from ST at Triggers. Set up looks pretty rad.. stop in and check it out.

May 13, 2010

Tom Pelley Update

Tom Pelley has been back in the country for a little while now after a pretty busy season in the states. He’s slotted back in with the crew in the Burton Warehouse, scanning those boxes and practicing his no-complys – eagerly waiting for the season to start.

Tom spent a bunch of time in Colorado this season, based in Breckenridge with Transitional Snowboard Camp, with a few sessions at Keystone and the Copper Mountain foam pit. He also shot over to Tahoe to film with the Made You Look crew in Sonora Pass [June, 2010 through Transfer] and scored a spot on a trip to Treasure Mountain in Silverton, Colorado which looked insane [Keep an eye out for it in Aus NZ Snowboarding].

So another Northern Winter over for Tom – on to another Southern one now.