April 30, 2009

First Tracks In April

Burton Australia Brand Manager Shane Carter and friends made the effort to earn some very early season turns. They hit up Mt Baw Baw and with the help of their two legs and a snowmobile they rode powder in April.

Now if you are in Victoria get your wax iron out because Mt Buller is going to open this weekend so you to can get your snowboard fix. Lift tickets are only $20 and all the information you need can be found at www.mtbuller.com.au.

April 29, 2009

Mitch Is Sorry

Mitch is sorry he hasn't been updating See My Method as he has been surfing no stop during the swells that have been hitting New South Wales. So we can't really blame him when he is getting waves like this, we just put it down to preseason training.

Mitch working on his barrel and floater technique.

Nick's In Between Time.

In between planning his up coming season and scoring some of the waves that have been hitting Sydney Nick has been busy taking photos. Check out the latest batch to come off his memory card.

April 28, 2009

Jye Video From Breckenridge

If you have been keeping up with the adventures of Jye you would of known that he rode Breckenridge for a couple of days with Blotto and the Smalls team.

With the power of Facebook we can bring you this video of that crew throwing down in the Breck park. It also gives you a little behind the scenes look at Blotto at work.

Click the image of Jye above to check the clip. However you will need a Facebook login to view the video, but who doesn't have one of those now.

Video by Laura Austin.

April 27, 2009

The Mitrani Brothers

The Mitrani brothers Luke and Jack have made a couple of visits to Australia, with each visit featuring solid riding and funny adventures. They have a double interview in the latest East Coast Snowboarding magazine with photos from their most recent trip to Australia during the 2008 Open.

Luke during the Open Slopestyle and the top photo is Jack during the Open Pipe.

April 25, 2009

TSC Annual movie premiere at the Burton office - Movie and pics

In 2009 Burton are sponsoring Transitionist Snowboard Camp and to kick off their year they held a BBQ, catchup and 08 camp movie premiere at the Melbourne Burton office. These kids are killing it and no doubt the next gen of Ausi shreds will come up through TSC. Nick Woods, Timmy Laidlaw and Jason Maxfield shred! Actually they all do. TSC is a good thing. Word to Ralph R who absolutely destroyed the ramp - that's what frontside grind tea breaks every day at work will do for you

Check the shots and mini vid.

April 24, 2009

Transfer Snowboard Magazine Offer

Transfer Snowboard Magazine is a new snowboard magazine hitting your favorite newsagent or milk bar this May. With 2 print issues and one digital issue a season they plan on mixing the best the southern hemisphere has to offer with quality photos and editorial.

To kick off the season Burton and Transfer has combined to create a limited edition T shirt featuring Carruthers Peak which is in the Kosciuszko National Park (Photo is by Tony Harrington), yep lines like that do exist in Australia. Make sure you check the video on transfersnowboard.com for more proof.

To get your hands on one of these T shirts all you need to do is subscribe to Transfer Snowboard magazine.

The information you need can be found at www.transfersnowboard.com

April 23, 2009

Jye Update From The Road

This just came in via the interweb from the one and only Jye Kearney...

Hey SMM,

The Launch was fun!

Good setup and good crew, on the first day I got worked snapping my board on a double cork. Then on day 2 bad weather rolled in so I just rode mellow. Day 3 was awesome! The highlight was shredding runs getting followed by the heli-cam.

Straight after the launch I got invited to go to Breckenridge for 3days to ride, shred and shoot with Blotto and the Burton Smalls team.

Had such a rad time there hanging with Blotto and the team, I got some sick photos and also dialed some new trixs to.

Stoked on this 2 weeks in Colorado, now heading back to Mammoth to milk the slush.

Cool talk soon.


Photo by Blotto, taken from his blog post about his Breckenridge trip while Jye was there.

April 22, 2009

Nick G Photography

Since arriving back from his northern hemisphere travels Nick has been spending some time on the other side of the viewfinder learning about F-stops, ISO and the clone tool. He has even been assisting photographer Dan Himbrechts on a few shoots including a product shoot for Australian & New Zealand Snowboarding magazine.

Check out Dan’s blog for the full story and a few more of Nick’s photos here.

April 20, 2009

From The Hard Drive – Cattleman’s 2006

2006 was the first year Cattleman’s was a stand-alone rail event, and I don’t think anyone involved really knew how big an event it was going to become. Here are some photos from the first year when Mikey Williams and Chris Boadle shared top spot and split the prize money. Which was made a little easier by it all being made up of $5 notes, perfect for the 10% rule at the bar that night.

Cattleman’s will be on again this season so don’t worry.

April 16, 2009

Pond Skimming Pro

Dangerzone Gets Wet N' Wild from Joshua Parker on Vimeo.

We know Tom can throw a seven or two, but now we have some pond skimming proof. Check the video as Tom does a double up ride with his buddy Nick (Nick is the one rocking the Speedos) at the start. While at the 54 second mark Tom throws down a double butter skim, not sure if that is pond skimming terminology or not. Tom plans to go pro on the pond skim circuit now that he is the 2009 Northstar pond skimming champion.

Thanks to the guys at tahoedangerzone.blogspot.com for the video.

April 14, 2009

The Launch 2009

Keystone resort in Colorado hosted the second annual Launch event. This event is put on by Snowboarder Magazine and features 50 of the world's best up and coming riders. Our own Jye Kearney just happens to be one of those skilled 50.

Check out snowboardermag.com for the daily wrap ups of the event, and as soon as Jye finds some internet time he will hit us with an update.

Photo of Jye during day 2 by T.Bird

April 13, 2009

Keegan X Falls Creek X DPS

Now if you are a fan of the Burton Australia Facebook page you would off seen that we shouted out this double page ad from the March issue of Snowboarder (USA). This ad is a little special to us here in OZ as it was taken at Falls Creek when Jeremy Jones and Keegan Valaika came to visit last year in August.

You may of seen some other photos that came from this trip including Jeremy's interview in issue 11 of Pop Magazine.

Photos by Blotto

Or some behind the scene photos on SITW by Shane Carter.

Photos by scarter5000

April 10, 2009

Mitch's Stops

Now that Mitch is back home enjoying a few waves he hit SMM with a quick stop by stop wrap up of his trip.

Stop 1: I lived in Mammoth with my bro (Clint) and Shayne Pospisil. We probably only rode the mountain for about 12 days at the start when it was spring in January!!

Stop 2 : Chris Mcalpine emailed and said come to Jackson Hole which I was stoked about as I have wanted to go there for ages. We had some good pow and even some sunshine, it was a pretty sick trip.

Stop 3: Back to Mammoth and hooked up with Jake Mcbride and Clint. We shot photos in Mammoth and Tahoe for a week where we scored plenty of snow and a little bit more sun.

Stop 4: I headed to LAX and went to Japan and met Nick G and Willy. I spent 1 week on the main island of Japan at Kirroro with amazing snow.

Stop 5: Still in Japan we ferried down to the South Island through some rough seas and dealt with rain every day!!!

Stop 6: After 2 weeks of raw fish in Japan I was very excited to get back to a big burger in the states while chilling in Mammoth.

Stop 7: Then it was north to Whistler to shoot with Johnny Mac and the Jackways brothers Will and Tim. Once again scoring nice weather and decent snow.

The line on the far left is Jonaven Moore while Mitch's is the next one along.

Stop 8: Myself and Johnny hit the road for 12 hours towards Fernie and spent a week in the mountains at Island Lake Lodge with Ryan Tiene, Robbie, Steve Cartright and Clay. This trip was amazing with really good snow, great people, and amazing food.

Stop 9: Then back to Mammoth where I found out Clint was coming home to Australia so I thought I would help him out as flying alone is never fun.

Stop 10: Now I am just chilling at home and seeing if everything falls into place as I am keen to head back over for a northern hemisphere summer camp so we will see what happens.

The waves at Mitch's local a few days ago.