September 29, 2009

Movie Tour Tickets Now Avaliable

Your friendly local Burton dealer should have received their allocation of tickets for the "B" Movie premiers in their state.

To find your local dealer hit up

All other information can be found on the Facebook page.

September 28, 2009


The guys over at One Hit Wonders have changed how the voting system works because they said that some people got creative and there was few fake Vimeo accounts set up. Anyway now you basically have to email them your vote.

Step 1: email

Step 2: In The Subject type Chris de Campo

Step 3: In the body of the email write your name, age, gender and home mountain. (This is so you can win some stuff)

Go for it people de Campo needs your support. All the other information can be found at

Chris de Campo from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

A Sunday Read

Over your normal Sunday coffee you may of come across this story in the Sun Herald (Sydney), the story talks about different paths snowboarders take whether it be competition or video star. Among others named in the story our own Jye Kearney has a couple of quotes and even scores the photo which was taken at the Boost SnoSho in August by Johnny McCormack.

I Heart Winter - Photographer Dan Himbrechts

I Heart WNTR - Photographer: Dan Himbrechts from on Vimeo.

I Heart Winter catches up with Photographer Dan Himbrechts.

September 25, 2009

Day 5 Of De Campo Week

To finish up the first ever Chris de Campo Week here at See My Method we are calling on you all to vote for de Campo as his One Hit Wonder trick is now live and ready to be voted for.

Just log into your Vimeo account and click the "LIKE" button on the top right of Chris's front 9 video. The rider with the most votes wins $2000 so what better way to celebrate Chris de Campo week than giving him a prize. Check the video here.

Chris de Campo from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

September 24, 2009

Day 4 Of De Campo Week

The Burton Melbourne office has a ramp and yes sometimes in an emergency it may get used during work hours. De Campo found out there is no better way to clear your head from the stress of lunch and new skills than to have a roll on the ramp.

September 23, 2009

The "B" Movie Tour Australian Dates

You have seen the teasers and now it is time to see the complete deal. The "B" Movie coming to a cinema near you.

Brisbane - Oct 17th 2009 7pm The Fort,
57 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Melbourne - Oct 20th 7pm The Astor Theatre,
CNR Chapel St and Dandenong RD, St Kilda

Sydney - Oct 22nd 6.30pm The Dendy Opera Quays,
Circular Quay

Tickets are required for entry and are limited in number. They will be available FREE from your local Burton dealer next week. However our friends at Pop magazine are giving away passes to the early birds visit to go into the draw.

Day 3 Of De Campo Week

We know Chris de Campo has some skills on a snowboard, however he has now obtained a few extra "office" skills since his week of work experience at Burton.

September 22, 2009

Day 2 Of De Campo Week

Day 2 of Chris de Campo week Chris learns the importance of lunch and the work day.

De Campo Lunch Review
Restaurant: Salsa's
Location: Food Court at Southland Mall, Melbourne
Type of Food: Mexican
Rating: 8/10

"I wasn't really expecting much from a mexican cafe in a food court, but I was quick to find out that this place was legit. Ralph Rottura took me to the Southland mall for my lunch break while I was on work experience at the Burton Melbourne office. The Burrito I had was delicious and so were the mexican "crinkle style" fries that came with it. To cap it all off the meal was ready in about one minute, which gave us time to sit back and eat while we checked out all the hot chicks shopping in the mall. All up it was a good break from the relentless and uninterrupted hard work I had been doing since the early hours of the morning at the Burton office."

September 21, 2009

I Heart Winter - Thredbo Mini Shred Session

I Heart WNTR - Thredbo Mini-shred session from on Vimeo.

To keep the legs warm while waiting for the wind to calm down the boys got into some mini shred action.

Day 1 Of De Campo Week

A Sneak Peek into Day One from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

Day one of Chris de Campo's week of work experience at Burton just happened to line up with day one of the One Hit Wonder event at Thredbo. So while his buddies were learning how to make coffee for the boss Chris was learning how to dial in the 75 foot monster.

September 18, 2009

Next Week Is A Special Week On SMM

Next week is a big week for See My Method as we are celebrating the first official Chris de Campo week on the blog. De Campo has spent this week learning the valuable lessons that come with spending a week at Burton on work experience, so apart from learning about lunch spots and product, he also hit the One Hit Wonder kicker at Thredbo (see photo).

Make sure you visit all next week to help us celebrate De Campo Week.

September 16, 2009

I Heart Winter - Thredbo's Perfect Park Jump

I Heart WNTR - Thredbo's Perfect Park Jump from on Vimeo.

This is what $30,000 dollars will get you in the kicker world and to date is the best park jump built in Australia. So it is no wonder Nick Gregory had to put the camera on a tripod and have a go himself.

September 15, 2009

TSC Team Challenge

The TSC crew are holding their annual Team Challenge at Mt Buller next week starting on Monday the 19th of September.

Tom Pelley and the rest of the TSC comp team will be riding with the teams over the 5 days of spring snowboard madness. The TSC team challenge is about challenging snowboarders of all levels to get together and work in a team environment to achieve the best overall result in a laid back competition including big air, rails, skate, dress up day, best photo.

The catch is that all teams are chosen by the TSC coaching team and are required to have varying abilities so that the riders need to work together with all team members on all of the games to get the best results.
With loads of prizes from Burton every-one is sure to walk away with more than something and overall Team Challenge glory.

If you are interested in participating for a day please register your details no later than Friday the 18th of September at

I Heart Winter - Falls Creek Night Session

I Heart WNTR - Falls Creek Night Session from on Vimeo.

Marko and Mikkel with a night riding session at Falls Creek during Stylewars.

September 14, 2009

Charlotte's Pass Road Gap

Around about this time last season a few members of the infamous Frends crew joined some of the local guys for a trip up to Charlotte Pass. The guys over at Transfer printed the story in issue two and now have a extended gallery and story up on their website.

Check it out at

Chris de Campo Update

Chris de Campo has collected a nice collection of competition bibs during this season with his name appearing on the entry list of all the major events this season including the NZ Open, MTV Snow Jam, Cattleman's and Stylewars where he managed to score a couple of tricks on the 80 foot monster. He also took out the Baw Baw big air and took third in the Battle of Baw Baw rail event.

This week de Campo is competing in the One Hit Wonder event at Thredbo where the results are determined by an online voting system. The de Campo voting campaign will kick off as soon as the poll goes live, so stay tuned.

Chris de Campo hitting the Baw Baw stair set during a night shoot.

September 10, 2009

Still Got It.

Even as a team manager Chris Boadle can still get coverage. This image turned up in one of the major papers to promote the Boost SnoSho event. I wonder if he will invoice himself for incentives?

Tom Pelley Dragon Ad

Tom Pelley has had a couple of Dragon ads this season as well as his fair share of web videos. Special note for this particular ad is he is rocking the pants that match the jacket that you could win here.

Now if you win the jacket you could ask Tom nicely for the pants to complete the set. However we must warn you those pants have experienced a decent number of snow days.

September 8, 2009

I Heart Winter - Mini Ramp Session

I Heart WNTR - Mini Ramp Session with Mikkel Bang from on Vimeo.

To break up the road trip back from the mountains Mikkel Bang and crew stopped at Rhythm Snowboard shop to session there mini ramp.

Mitch Allan Interview

The guys over at the Snowboard Hub have posted up an interview with Mitch Allan. Read all about Mitch and his transition from pipe to powder here.

September 7, 2009

You Want This Jacket.

This is the Ronin ALS Flank Jacket in the very hard to find flocked print. So hard to find that this is the only one that came into Australia and is a size large.

We are giving this jacket away to the person we feel best describes snowboarding in Australia.

To have a chance to get your hands on this fine piece of outerwear you need to follow these steps.

1. Go to the new and hit up the community section.

2. Create a profile for yourself.

3. Follow the new Burton Australia profile -

4. On your own profile post up a story and pictures of why snowboarding in Australia is so rad.

5. Do all this by Wednesday the 16th of September 2009.

The post that we feel best captures the snowboarding experience here in Australia will win the jacket. By the way this contest is only for Australian residents.

So sign up now for your Burton community profile at

Tom Pelley Thredbo Video

Tom Pelley Riding Thredbo from Samuel Towers on Vimeo.

The guys over at posted this clip of Tom Pelley's adventures at Thredbo this season. The video also features the the set up that was constructed for the Park staff article that is in the latest AUS & NZ Snowboarding magazine. The video was shot by Sammy Towers who is one of the park guys responsible for creating many a fun set up at Thredbo this season.

September 5, 2009

I Heart Winter - Wanaka Houseboat Part 2

I Heart WNTR - Wanaka NZ House Boat - Part 2 from on Vimeo.

The NZ house boat adventures continue in part 2.

I Heart Winter - Stylewars 28 Stair Rail Contest

I HEART WNTR - Stylewars 28 Stairs from on Vimeo.

Sit in the crowd with some of the guys and watch the 28 stair rail event from Styelwars. Where Charles Reid took equal first and Mark Sollors Best Trick.

September 3, 2009

7 Good Woods

In the annual Transworld Good Wood awards an unprecedented 7 Burton boards managed to score a seal of approval in the 2010 awards.

The Custom V-Rocker and Joystick both took top honors in the high end all-mountain men’s category while the Blunt won in the park price point category. On the women’s side, the Lip-Stick won in the high end all-mountain category, while The Social took the park award in the price point category. The Burton Vapor, Kevin Pearce’s shred stick of choice, landed a spot in the pipe category for the second year running. Danny Davis’ late model Easy Livin’ took an award in the high end all-mountain category.

Five of the seven winning board models (Custom V, Joystick, Blunt, Lip-Stick, The Social) feature V-Rocker technology, which has a center rocker with additional rockers on either side of your feet. Naturally de-cambered, this design energizes edge control under your feet while disengaging tip and tail contact points for a catch-free feel that cranks stability and pop for maximum fun. For as loose and skate-like as it feels, V-Rocker boards turn on a dime thanks to the added grip of Pressure Distribution Edges.

Custom V Rocker $899.95 AUD

Joystick $849.95 AUD

Blunt $629.95 AUD

Women's The Social $599.95 AUD

Women's Lipstick $749.95 AUD

The Easy Livin’ features Flying-V technology, which gives aggressive freestylers the best of both worlds with a hybrid of camber and rocker performance. Rockers between and outside your feet create a loose and forgiving freestyle feel and float through pow. Underneath your feet, camber combines with the response and grip of The Channel, Lightning Bolts, Pressure Distribution Edges, and EGD to focus control and edge-hold for crisp snap, pop, and power through turns.

Easy Livin' Late Model with Flying V $929.95 AUD available in January 2010.

The Vapor features tried and true camber, known for power in turns and precision in the pipe. Acting like a suspension, camber creates a lively ride capable of slicing and stomping the entire mountain.

The Vapor $1599.95 AUD

All the Good Wood winners will be available in Australia after November 15th 2009 (except late model Flying V Easy Livin' which will be available January 2010), just in time for your northern hemisphere adventure. All these boards and the entire 2010 Burton line can be found on

September 2, 2009

Issue 3 AUS & NZ Snowboarding

The third and final issue for the season of AUS & NZ Snowboarding is out now. It features Nick Gregory in Japan and Mitch Allan in Colorado, while also having the story from Thredbo that we mentioned a few posts ago with Jye Kearney and Tom Pelley. Pick a copy up now to keep you stoked for the rest of the season.

Nick in Japan.
Jye at Thredbo earlier this season.

Mitch enjoying Colorado.

September 1, 2009

Mikkel Bang Best Trick At Stylewars

Grandmaster 2009 - from richard hegarty on Vimeo.

Stylewars managed to catch a break in the weather for the last day, after being locked down for most of the event. Burton Australia good buddy and frequent visitor Mikkel Bang took out the best trick with a switch back 12. There is a little bit of a back story to this as Mikkel is recovering from a broken foot that he suffered earlier in the year at a Mountain Dew event in the USA. He came over to Australia from New Zealand where he is getting some extra on snow time to help with his rehab, he wasn't even planning on competing and at 4am on the last day of the event he was still up having a good time. Check the Stylewars video above for Mikkel's run as well as the other international visitors Charles Reid and Marko Grilc.

If Mikkel is still in rehab mode we wonder what he has up his sleeve when he is 100%.

Jye At The Launch

Over on USA they have an edit up about the Launch event that Jye Kearney was at earlier this year. Click on the image above of Jye A.K.A "Jack Conny" and fellow Australian rider Scotty James to check the clip.