January 27, 2010

Pelley Is Legal

The world as we know it changed last week, with Tom Pelley turning 21 years of age. From all reports it looked like a fun night, check out what went down over at The Rob Blog.

Vegas are you ready for Pelley?

January 19, 2010

Euro Mitch

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Mitch Allan is over in Europe and just hit us with a quick update...

"Have to be quick coz paying for net with euros hurts a little.

I am in Austria at the moment with Clint, RMB and Chriso, we are driving to Slovenia today to hopefully get some pow. I will hit you back with some shots when I get back online, good to be back in Europe, haven't been here since the Olympics... loving apre-ski and only eating chicken schnitzels!!"


Wet Sock's And De Campo

Chris de Campo has been doing a bit of filming with the Wet Sock's Production guys while in Colorado. In between park laps de Campo has also been working on his tan.

Check out the Wet Sock's blog.

January 18, 2010

CP's First Update

New member to the team Courtney Phillipson just hit us with her first SMM update, we got this in the inbox just before she jumped on a plane to start her travels.

"I haven’t been snowboarding in a year. Last year I blew my knee out, tore my ACL completely through and had tears in my medial and lateral menisci. After the knee reconstruction I woke up with this on my leg, the Legasaurus."

"I had to have Legasaurus on my leg for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks after the surgery. It gets your knee moving right away after the operation, but it was the most pain I have ever been in, it was hideous."

Bandages off for the first time.

The screws holding my new ACL to my knee. I can feel the big screw through my skin.

"After 2 months I was only just able to walk again, but I had a run in with a set of stairs and tore the stitches out of the meniscus repair site. Knee surgery number 2. I didn’t really want to ride again after all that, one bad fall and this is how you spend the next 12 months. But after a while I remembered snowboarding is too much fun to give up so I booked flights and rehabbed my knee as much as I could.

I fly out tomorrow to Japan with Stu to meet up with Lee Ponzio and Liam Kaska. I can’t wait to ride some pow and get used to my new knee. Then I am off to Colorado to hang with the TSC crew for the rest of the season."


Made You Look Has Kicked Off

This dark image of Jye Kearney is proof that the Australian and New Zealand movie Made You Look has kicked off filming in Tahoe. Reason Films are the guys behind the production, and you will be able to stay in the loop with the movie via their blog.

Check out www.madeyoulookmovie.com

January 14, 2010

Burton European Open

The Burton European Open kicked off at Laax, Switzerland, yesterday, and as usual the finals will be webcast on go211.com. The slopestyle finals will take place on Friday the 15th of January and the halfpipe finals are scheduled for Saturday the 16th.

So that you don't miss the action use that world clock feature on your phone and visit opensnowboarding.com for all your information needs.

January 13, 2010

Christmas With De Campo and TSC

Chris De Campo and Tom Pelley are still hanging out in Breckenridge with the TSC crew. They had a Christmas day full of food, gifts and bonfires.

De Campo also entered the Gatorade Free Flow event last week, and while taking it easy, as he is recovering from a couple of small injuries, he did manage to score a pow turn or two during his run.

Bonfire set up.

Santa made a visit.

Free Flow event.

Nothing better than a pow turn or two to break up an event.

January 4, 2010

Sending Kevin Positive Vibes

The Burton family is starting off the New Year with some unfortunate news. On New Year's Eve Kevin Pearce was seriously injured while riding at Park City, Utah. He was landing a cab double cork, caught his toe side edge and was knocked unconscious.

He is currently at the University of Utah Hospital in the intensive care unit, and remains in a stable but critical condition as he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury during his fall. Kevin is getting the best care possible, and we know he has it in him to get through this. Kevin has a long recovery ahead of him and his family has created a Facebook page where you can follow his progress here.

Everyone at Burton Australia is sending Kevin positive thoughts, and cannot wait to have him come visit again.