May 13, 2010

Tom Pelley Update

Tom Pelley has been back in the country for a little while now after a pretty busy season in the states. He’s slotted back in with the crew in the Burton Warehouse, scanning those boxes and practicing his no-complys – eagerly waiting for the season to start.

Tom spent a bunch of time in Colorado this season, based in Breckenridge with Transitional Snowboard Camp, with a few sessions at Keystone and the Copper Mountain foam pit. He also shot over to Tahoe to film with the Made You Look crew in Sonora Pass [June, 2010 through Transfer] and scored a spot on a trip to Treasure Mountain in Silverton, Colorado which looked insane [Keep an eye out for it in Aus NZ Snowboarding].

So another Northern Winter over for Tom – on to another Southern one now.

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