December 24, 2008

couple of days couple of feet and first chairs

It has been dumping in Utah. 25 inches in the past 24 hours and they are predicting another 20-30 on Christmas day. At a time of year when I'm normally sweltering in the middle of summer, it looks like we'll be shredding knee deep "new England clam powder"

Check out the past few days Riding Brighton Utah.

Monday ridding some lines in the trees of Crest lift. dumping

Colby (somethinginthewoods) and I back at car after only 3 hours of ridding. The snow kept up like this all night.

The board I brought over is the new "Hero". It has V Rocker which makes it so good to ride in powder. This board won the transworld good wood award and I can see why. so so good.

New tie die tee thanks to Tom Pelly - Thanks EEL

This was the Tuesday riding at Brighton. The famed Millicent chair hadn't opened yet this season due to lack of snow. It was roumered to open on Tuesday so we got there early and stood in line for an hour and a half to get first chair. It opened.... and as you can see from this skier who lost a ski it was pretty deep. Sorry there are no more shots but we had our hands full keeping them noses up..

beef and chicken taco from Lone Star - the best way to end a day at Brighton

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