December 19, 2008

Utah saints

After way too much travel I finally turned up in Utah, and to a pretty damn good welcome. Colorado and Utah have been coping alot of snow recently and I was pretty pumpoed to turn up to 6inches of fresh and blue skies. Thanks for the shot below carter. Blower powder before Christmas is never a bad thing.

The Burton OZ team are all gearing up to head overseas. A few members have been held back by by last minute injuries as you can see below by Decampo's photo. Heavy! Jye has also had his tonsils ripped out a week ago and Hannah has had some last minute surgery to make sure her shoulder is titanium terminator strength. Nice. Who said snowboarding was easy... Tom Pelley has got out surgery free and is shredding his head off in Japan and Mitch Allan is looking to head to Mammoth in early Jan. The snow is comming late in the US so a late start might be a good idea, however we have at least a foot due here byt the weekend and temperatures in downtown SLC of 15f. I don't know what tempt that up the hill but shit i'll be wearing a neck sock of some sort.

WOrld go snowboarding day is this Sunday - get on it!


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