January 28, 2009

A Korean Experience

I have just returned to Colorado from Korea where I spent a week at Sungwoo Resort for the World Championships.

After a long flight and bus ride we arrived at Sungwoo at 2am to discover people still out snowboarding. The hill is open till 4am on the weekends and they play 90's pop music loud enough to penetrate your dreams (that is if you manage to get to sleep at all).
Something is happening 24hrs a day at the resort, its a huge hotel with a supermarket, restaurants, bars, ten pin bowling, karaoke, ping pong, pool and an arcade.

I shared a room with Holly Crawford and we were lucky enough to score one that looked straight out to the halfpipe and big air site. It was the only plus that came with a smelly, dirty hotel room with no bed frames, just mattresses on the floor.

The competition wasn't such a success for me as I took it easy having just returned from injury, but my Aussie team mate Holly Crawford had some very impressive runs and finished in 2nd place behind Chinese rider Jiayu Liu.

After such a great result everyone was in the mood for some celebrating so a group of us watched the big air finals from our room then headed down for some bowling.
After much enjoyment the bowling began to get a little rowdy as people instead of balls were sliding down the alleys...we decided it was time to move on to karaoke where we crowded into little booths to sing our hearts out to old favorites till the wee hours of the night!

All in all we had a great time in Korea despite questionable food, unpleasant smells and an interesting take on accommodations.

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