April 23, 2009

Jye Update From The Road

This just came in via the interweb from the one and only Jye Kearney...

Hey SMM,

The Launch was fun!

Good setup and good crew, on the first day I got worked snapping my board on a double cork. Then on day 2 bad weather rolled in so I just rode mellow. Day 3 was awesome! The highlight was shredding runs getting followed by the heli-cam.

Straight after the launch I got invited to go to Breckenridge for 3days to ride, shred and shoot with Blotto and the Burton Smalls team.

Had such a rad time there hanging with Blotto and the team, I got some sick photos and also dialed some new trixs to.

Stoked on this 2 weeks in Colorado, now heading back to Mammoth to milk the slush.

Cool talk soon.


Photo by Blotto, taken from his blog post about his Breckenridge trip while Jye was there.

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