April 4, 2009

Jye's Check In

If you look at this photo above there is a good chance Jye is looking at the same view as he is flying out today for his next stint overseas. Before he had the standard excess luggage argument with the check in people he dropped us this note…..

“I have been super busy lately and just arrived back in OZ yesterday (31st of March). I had just finished 2 days at Northstar riding The Stash with Danny Davis, Luke Mitrani and Charles Reid. It was so awesome hanging and riding with those guys, plus I got photos and footage for the Stash movie."

"I fly back to the USA on the 4th April to Mammoth and then to Keystone Colorado for the Nike 6.0 launch with Pat Bridges and Snowboarder mag. So I am getting ready for a super sweet spring and will be over there until at least mid May. I wont leave my camera at home this time!"

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