April 10, 2009

Mitch's Stops

Now that Mitch is back home enjoying a few waves he hit SMM with a quick stop by stop wrap up of his trip.

Stop 1: I lived in Mammoth with my bro (Clint) and Shayne Pospisil. We probably only rode the mountain for about 12 days at the start when it was spring in January!!

Stop 2 : Chris Mcalpine emailed and said come to Jackson Hole which I was stoked about as I have wanted to go there for ages. We had some good pow and even some sunshine, it was a pretty sick trip.

Stop 3: Back to Mammoth and hooked up with Jake Mcbride and Clint. We shot photos in Mammoth and Tahoe for a week where we scored plenty of snow and a little bit more sun.

Stop 4: I headed to LAX and went to Japan and met Nick G and Willy. I spent 1 week on the main island of Japan at Kirroro with amazing snow.

Stop 5: Still in Japan we ferried down to the South Island through some rough seas and dealt with rain every day!!!

Stop 6: After 2 weeks of raw fish in Japan I was very excited to get back to a big burger in the states while chilling in Mammoth.

Stop 7: Then it was north to Whistler to shoot with Johnny Mac and the Jackways brothers Will and Tim. Once again scoring nice weather and decent snow.

The line on the far left is Jonaven Moore while Mitch's is the next one along.

Stop 8: Myself and Johnny hit the road for 12 hours towards Fernie and spent a week in the mountains at Island Lake Lodge with Ryan Tiene, Robbie, Steve Cartright and Clay. This trip was amazing with really good snow, great people, and amazing food.

Stop 9: Then back to Mammoth where I found out Clint was coming home to Australia so I thought I would help him out as flying alone is never fun.

Stop 10: Now I am just chilling at home and seeing if everything falls into place as I am keen to head back over for a northern hemisphere summer camp so we will see what happens.

The waves at Mitch's local a few days ago.

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chris said...

that makes me cry - how good do those lines look.