August 27, 2009

Private Stock Board Fritz The Cat

This is for all the crew who want to ride a board that is a little special. Fritz The Cat is the latest graphic to come out of the private stock collection and is the creation of artist R. Crumb. Apart from being a feline con artist Fritz also starred in the first animated feature film to receive an X rated classification in the USA.

The Fritz The Cat Board retails for $649.95(AUD) and only comes in 154cm length with a 251mm waist width. The features include V Rocker technology, flat kicks, twin shape and flex, rail ready tune as well as the Channel for infinite stance options.

There are only 100 dealers worldwide with these boards, so hit up these guys before they all disappear.

Trigger Bros (VIC)
Mordys (VIC)
First Tracks (NSW)
Switch Boardstore (NSW)

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