September 3, 2009

7 Good Woods

In the annual Transworld Good Wood awards an unprecedented 7 Burton boards managed to score a seal of approval in the 2010 awards.

The Custom V-Rocker and Joystick both took top honors in the high end all-mountain men’s category while the Blunt won in the park price point category. On the women’s side, the Lip-Stick won in the high end all-mountain category, while The Social took the park award in the price point category. The Burton Vapor, Kevin Pearce’s shred stick of choice, landed a spot in the pipe category for the second year running. Danny Davis’ late model Easy Livin’ took an award in the high end all-mountain category.

Five of the seven winning board models (Custom V, Joystick, Blunt, Lip-Stick, The Social) feature V-Rocker technology, which has a center rocker with additional rockers on either side of your feet. Naturally de-cambered, this design energizes edge control under your feet while disengaging tip and tail contact points for a catch-free feel that cranks stability and pop for maximum fun. For as loose and skate-like as it feels, V-Rocker boards turn on a dime thanks to the added grip of Pressure Distribution Edges.

Custom V Rocker $899.95 AUD

Joystick $849.95 AUD

Blunt $629.95 AUD

Women's The Social $599.95 AUD

Women's Lipstick $749.95 AUD

The Easy Livin’ features Flying-V technology, which gives aggressive freestylers the best of both worlds with a hybrid of camber and rocker performance. Rockers between and outside your feet create a loose and forgiving freestyle feel and float through pow. Underneath your feet, camber combines with the response and grip of The Channel, Lightning Bolts, Pressure Distribution Edges, and EGD to focus control and edge-hold for crisp snap, pop, and power through turns.

Easy Livin' Late Model with Flying V $929.95 AUD available in January 2010.

The Vapor features tried and true camber, known for power in turns and precision in the pipe. Acting like a suspension, camber creates a lively ride capable of slicing and stomping the entire mountain.

The Vapor $1599.95 AUD

All the Good Wood winners will be available in Australia after November 15th 2009 (except late model Flying V Easy Livin' which will be available January 2010), just in time for your northern hemisphere adventure. All these boards and the entire 2010 Burton line can be found on

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