September 22, 2009

Day 2 Of De Campo Week

Day 2 of Chris de Campo week Chris learns the importance of lunch and the work day.

De Campo Lunch Review
Restaurant: Salsa's
Location: Food Court at Southland Mall, Melbourne
Type of Food: Mexican
Rating: 8/10

"I wasn't really expecting much from a mexican cafe in a food court, but I was quick to find out that this place was legit. Ralph Rottura took me to the Southland mall for my lunch break while I was on work experience at the Burton Melbourne office. The Burrito I had was delicious and so were the mexican "crinkle style" fries that came with it. To cap it all off the meal was ready in about one minute, which gave us time to sit back and eat while we checked out all the hot chicks shopping in the mall. All up it was a good break from the relentless and uninterrupted hard work I had been doing since the early hours of the morning at the Burton office."

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