October 1, 2009

Jye Post Break Check In

Jye Kearney busted his collar bone on the Thredbo kicker that has been getting all the coverage of late. We hit Jye up to see what has been happening since that fateful day.

SMM: Hey Jye, Boadle just told me the news of the collarbone break. How did you bust it?

JYE:Front 9 stomped on icy landing then caught a toe edge and slammed!

SMM: Any crazy pictures of it busted ?

JYE: Na just X-rays and you can barely even see the break as it is just a hair line fracture. Lucky it was a nice clean break and with my young bones I will have a full 100% recovery.

SMM: What are your plans for the rest of the season?

JYE: Well it happened at a good time really, haven't missed out on anything, what a crap spring hey! Caramel swirl up there at the moment and now with some pixie dust to add on top.

SMM: Good luck with the recovery time.

JYE: Yeah cheers, I'm doing all the good things as well as keeping mentally focused too.

Jye at the Boost Sno Sho before the edge catching incident at Thredbo.

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