November 13, 2009

Hannah Injury Update

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I'd give you an update on my knee injury. I saw the surgeon yesterday, I'm almost 3 months post op now.

It's coming along well except I still have a little swelling because I've been on it too much. It's hard to do nothing for so long I just wanna get up and walk around. But otherwise it is stable and my range of movement is good.

I've been going for bike rides every morning and doing a few simple exercises to build some muscle in my very skinny quad and he's told me to keep doing that before I see him in another 6 weeks, then I will start doing more in the gym.

Hope you all are well.


P.S: The picture is of me getting off the couch and paddleboarding while my sister is exercising our racehorse.

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POP Magazine said...

That is the raddest photo! Glad to hear recovery is going well Hannah, take it easy. What a cool little update too.