January 18, 2010

CP's First Update

New member to the team Courtney Phillipson just hit us with her first SMM update, we got this in the inbox just before she jumped on a plane to start her travels.

"I haven’t been snowboarding in a year. Last year I blew my knee out, tore my ACL completely through and had tears in my medial and lateral menisci. After the knee reconstruction I woke up with this on my leg, the Legasaurus."

"I had to have Legasaurus on my leg for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks after the surgery. It gets your knee moving right away after the operation, but it was the most pain I have ever been in, it was hideous."

Bandages off for the first time.

The screws holding my new ACL to my knee. I can feel the big screw through my skin.

"After 2 months I was only just able to walk again, but I had a run in with a set of stairs and tore the stitches out of the meniscus repair site. Knee surgery number 2. I didn’t really want to ride again after all that, one bad fall and this is how you spend the next 12 months. But after a while I remembered snowboarding is too much fun to give up so I booked flights and rehabbed my knee as much as I could.

I fly out tomorrow to Japan with Stu to meet up with Lee Ponzio and Liam Kaska. I can’t wait to ride some pow and get used to my new knee. Then I am off to Colorado to hang with the TSC crew for the rest of the season."


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