February 16, 2010

CP's Time In Japan

Courtney Phillipson sent us a quick wrap up of her time in Japan.

"In between flights, I went to the Zoo in Ueno, Tokyo."

"Stu and I went to Moiwa resort most days, I rode the deepest powder that I have ever had the chance to ride, and it was amazing. I’ve never been much of a powder rider, but this trip has definitely changed my mind on that. My knee held up so much better than I expected, almost pain free."

"We got to catch up with our good friend Lee and his arch rival Liam, did some night riding and shot a couple photos down in Niseko Town. Until the police came, and Lee got chased off the road and almost run down by a car. So we decided to call it a day, and drove down to Sapporo for some drinks and to catch our flight out to the Breckenridge."

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