February 23, 2009

Mitch and Nick off the Map at Nazow Onsen

Just heard back from two lonesome adventures out on the campaign pow trail in Japan with Snowboarder mag. Now I don't know where "Nazow Onsen" is but a quick google search returned only 1 result and it was all in japanese. No maps no images. What sort of a place has only 1 google search result and how the hell do you find it? If anyone knows- let me know. here's what Mitch had to say:

"We have basically been hanging in Kiroro with Quentin (Robins) and it was epic mad snow and then we ferry to the south island for 20 hours on the high seas with gregdog getting a little green with sea sickness....and we are at nazow onsen and the terrain is pretty dam sick and we are just waiting for snow, hope all is good, loving the hero in pow fucking sick"

now if you search Google - this will be Nazow Onsen's second google entry (provided we spelt it right)

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