March 5, 2009



So just finishing a  super fun adventure to utah with Charles Beckinsale and Cohen davies to hang out with dragon team manger Alex Pashley.  Pashley took us out back to this super fun area to hit this tree slide to long steep landing that looked like it should have been  at the end of a jump. We met up with littles (Alex Sherman)  and Pouch. Wasnt the best snow but we made the most of it hitting some other fun stuff as well. The next day we went to park city  and we forgot the camera being a little excited about riding pc.  Then hit up the natural hot springs 
at a place called the pit was one of the funniest parts of the trip. After hit up mexican for the third night in a row with Scotty Arnold.  Was a super fun trip thanks to alex and the boys for showing us a fun time.

Charles breaking on the way to utah from tahoe 
9 hour drives are awsome

pouch gearing up to unload sleds


charles final touches on  tree hit

winning a bet

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