July 23, 2009

Behind The Scenes Of The Cattleman's Rail Jam Part 1

By now you would of all seen the video and know who walked away with the coin. To give you an insight into what went on before the main event here is part one of a behind the scenes look at the action.

A new addition over the years has been the wild card places. The wildcards are designed to give up and coming riders a chance to hit the infamous Cattleman's rail while also stealing some thunder from the pros. This year the qualifiers took place in the TSC park and here is TSC coach Alex Cordingly winning himself a card.

Jye Kearney came along to support the crew competing for the wildcard spots.

Judges Chris Boadle, Burton Australia TM and team rider Tom Pelley

Steve Toga.

The other judges Russell Holt and Chris Jepson with Chris De Campo and Jye Kearney looking on.

Alex The Russian and Mitch Williams came along to check out the competition.

The rail needed some half time repairs as there was a large number of riders competing for the 5 spots.

The 5 guys who made it into the main event:
Tim Laidlaw
Iver Lynn
Alex Cordingly
Nick Woods
Marti Nova

More of the behind the scene action in Part 2 next week.

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