July 24, 2009

MTV SNOW JAM 2009 Rider List

So you want to know who is competing in the MTV Snow Jam Event on Thursday the 30th of July at Falls Creek? Here is the list of invited riders:
Charles Reid (Burton)
Mark Sollars (Burton)
Tom Pelley (Burton)
Jye Kearney (Burton)
Robbie Walker (K2)
Chris Decampo (Burton)
Jess Rich (Nitro)
Andy Llyod (K2)
Kieran McLaughlin (Ride)
Charles Beckinsale (DC)
Charlie Steinbacher (Forum)
Mitch Williams (Forum)
Gus St Leon (Nitro)
Mikey Williams (DC)
Matt Galina
Jason Currie (3CS)
Darragh Walsh (Nitro)

All other information about the Snow Jam can be found on the MTV Website.
Don't forget you could score 2 VIP tickets here at SMM.

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