August 13, 2009

NZO Update

By now you know Jye Kearney qualified yesterday for the semi finals of slopestyle at the NZ Open. Chris Boadle is over there keeping us in the loop and here are a collection of photos from yesterdays slopestyle qualifying.

Jye's qualifying run was a cab 270 on the flat down, 50 50 front one on the up bar, cab five, back 7, front 7.

Mitch Allan just missed out on qualifying however if they open up a couple more spots in the semi finals he is in so fingers crossed.

Chris Decampo unfortunately fell on both his runs but who cares when you can throw a tweaked out back 7 japan like this.

Chris Mc Alpine editor of Australian and New Zealand Snowboarding is over there covering all the action.

What event is complete with out Pistol these days.

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