August 17, 2009

NZO Halfpipe Day

The NZ Open halfpipe finals will go down in the history books as a bit of a turning point for new tricks in a competition. To give you an idea of what went on here is the top 3 guys runs.

3rd Kazuhiro Kokubo - Huge McTwist, a frontside 900 tailgrab, an alleyoop chuck nose grab, and a frontside 1080 indy.

2nd Luke Mitrani - Double inverted 900 melon, a frontside 720 indy, a Cab 720 mute and a frontside 900 tailgrab.

1st Shaun White - Frontside lien air, to backside 900 melon, followed by a frontside 1080 stalefish, into a Cab double cork 1080 stalefish, to frontside double cork 900.

Luke Mitrani also took best trick with a Double Michalchuk.

Guys you want to get girls and be famous?

Then learn to ride halfpipe like Mr White.

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